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We are always happy to deal with your queries, here are the answers to some questions you may have:

The match report hasn't been posted where can I find it?

Match Reports are posted within 24 hours. If you are still unable to view the report contact us at

I haven't got a team but I want to play in Ballerz League?

That's fine! Have you heard about our Black & Gold Leagues? They're perfect for individuals who wants to play with us. Click here for more info

I have a holiday and will be unable to play. Do I still have to pay?

We require 1 weeks notice in instances where the whole squad may be away. Failure to inform us of your absence will incur your full match fee as well as your oppositions match fee and a £20 administration charge.

How many teams in each division?

There are usually 6 teams in each division (this may differ slightly depending on location).

How long does each season last?

A season usually lasts for 10 weeks with the following season starting the week after (this may differ slightly depending on location)

How long are the matches?

Each match is 30-50 minutes long (this may differ slightly depending on location).

What is the match fee?

£25-£40 for teams and £5-7 for individuals (this may differ slightly depending on location).

How many players can be used per match?

5, 6 or 7 players depending on your league, plus 3 subs per match.

What time do matches start?

Match times vary from league to league. For start times visit the league section or alternatively contact us.

What do the winners receive?

Medals and trophies at our award ceremony as well as great prizes.

Is the league affiliated?

Yes, we are affiliated with The FA.

What type of footwear can be worn?

We allow moulded boots (Studs are not permitted) and trainers.

What happens if our opposition doesn't turn up?

We will try and arrange a friendly game for you and you will be awarded a 10-0 win

What happens if I get sent off?

Your team will be charged a dismissal fee of £5. Serious offences will be reported to the FA.