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1. Slide Tackles

No slide tackles.

2. Off-Sides

No off-sides.

3. Footwear

No studded footwear.

4. Ball Height

No height of ball restrictions (not applicable to futsal).

5. Game Restarts

When restarting the game players have 6 seconds to do so and the opponent must be at least 3m from the ball.

6. Throw Ins

Throw ins are under arm and corners are kicked in.

7. Areas of Play

If the keeper leaves his penalty area, a penalty (1 step) is awarded to the opposition.If a player enters his own penalty area a penalty is awarded to the opposition.If a player enters his opponents area its a free kick to the keeper.

8. No Back Pass

When the keeper gives the ball to a player on his team, the ball can not be returned directly back to the keeper by that same player unless it touches another player first.

9. Card Sanctions

Yellow cards result in a 2 minute sin bin.Red cards result in a permanent exclusion from the game. Sanctioned player carded players can not be replaced.

10. Referee

In all other areas of dispute the referees decision is final.